We commend and respect you for managing your own place. While it is totally possible for you to succeed at this, we believe you will need some support and guidance to not only get started but along the way as well. Here are just some of the tools that we may be able to help you with on your short term rental journey.

Short Term Rentals are rewarding but they can take a lot of time and effort. Asking for someone to help you manage your property is nothing to be ashamed of. Here are some of the things STRM can do for you as your manager.

Personalized Support

We can help you manage your property or not and everything in between.

Short Term Rental E-Book (Coming Soon)

Download our E-Book to help show you the way to your Short Term Rental success.

Occupancy Specialists

We pride ourselves on keeping your property the money making machine that it is. If you wish, your property will be making money with occupied guests all year.

Optimum Pricing

Your property pricing is continuously monitored to account for local, seasonal, and even special events to make sure your place is booked for the best rate all year long.

Research Our Resources

From our blog to our investment calculators you can always search through our resource content to help you find what you need help with.

Rental Sales, Setup, & Consulting

Whether you need support with purchasing or selling, just initial short term rental set up, or ongoing consulting help we can be there for you when you need us.

Vendor Management

We can provide you with vendors or use your own. Either way, we will work with them to help keep your property in tip top shape for you and all guests.

Professional Photos

All our managed properties come with photography professional shot from an experienced real estate photographer. Your place will look as awesome as a photo can make it.