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Be a Good Neighbor Policy

Vacation rentals can get a bad rap, we get it. That’s why we have a Be a Good Neighbor Policy. Unlike other vacation rental management companies that push “more beds for more heads,” we believe that short term rentals should be set up as if they are actually being lived in. Our managed homes limit occupancy and our homes are furnished to accommodate what will work for the number of rooms and size of the home.

We highly discourage the use of bunk rooms, and we do not allow parties at our listings. We also screen our potential guests, and know many red flags to watch for that may indicate they plan to use the home for nefarious reasons. We are even willing to get to know your home’s neighbors so they have a point of contact, should something go wrong.

We hope to keep short term rentals a strong market in Arizona, and believe that our Be a Good Neighbor policy is the way to prevent problems before they arise

Testimonial Quotation Marks

Our home and condo are both managed by Short Term Rental Manager. We love that our places are always full and the increased rental income isn’t a bad thing either.

April T - STRM Real Estate Investor

Short Term Rental Manager knows what they’re doing! I use their services for 2 properties that I rent out. They make the process a lot simpler than if I were doing everything on my own, and bring professional experience to the table. Highly recommended.

Sam F. - STRM Real Estate Investor

Jon and his team not only manage multiple rental properties for us, but they helped get all of our properties decorated and set up as well. They designed and furnished it with everything our guests need to feel at home. It couldn’t have been easier to get started! Now we just sit back and collect the checks.

Craig A. - STRM Real Estate Investor