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Managing The Pests & Critters In Arizona


Many people move to Arizona because the cost of living is cheaper, the climate is beautiful and depending on the locations of your home, you can have some beautiful scenery. Even though we live in beautiful weather, Arizona’s hot and dry climate is a favorite for many different types of pests. These pests are a different kind of breed and need special attention and sometimes need professional attention. 

Different types of Pests and How to manage them

Black Widow

Black widows are extremely common in Arizona because of the warm, dry climate.  Black widows are nocturnal and typically keep to themselves until they are disturbed and then they will lash out with a painful bite. Now that you know about black widows, here are a few tips when living and dealing with them. Black windows make asymmetrical webs that close to the ground. Other common areas include toys, around sheds, clutter, and debris. Keeping debris and clutter in the yard and garage picked up, will reduce these common areas around your home. The black widow is a venomous spider, but only the females can give a poisonous bite. By checking areas often for new webs, keeping debris picked up from your yard, and a  regular inspection that targets specific areas you can keep them from becoming a nuisance. 

Wind Scorpion

Wind scorpions are small but speedy creatures. Their body is covered with short hairs and divided into two separate sections. They are light brown to dark brown in color. The name “wind scorpion” comes from the speed in which they run. Outdoors, they are highly effective. They eat insects, spiders, and may even kill a scorpion. If they are found inside your house, they are praying crickets or any other insect. Otherwise, they are looking for a way to get back outdoors. 


The desert tarantulas are the most common tarantula in Arizona.  If you notice holes in your yard about the size of a quarter, it’s probably a tarantula hole. They are usually tan to light brown in color. Tarantulas are venomous, but unlike all spiders, they are very docile and only bite under extreme conditions.  They also have another defense, the hairs on their abdomen that are barbed and are very irritating. They use their hind legs to flick these hairs at their attacker. If you suffer from arachnophobia, then you may be wondering how to keep these creatures from getting into your house. You can keep tarantulas out of your home by keeping doors closed, sealing structure gaps, and mending screens around your home. You can also call a pest control company and have the spider removed. 


Now that you have learned about some of the common pests that can venture into your yard and even your home, you can take the steps into preventing them from entering. When renting a vacation rental through STRM, you can always contact License 2 Kill @ 480-321-6130 or KC’s Pest Control @ 480-242-9087  to provide you with all your pest control needs.