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Fall Weather in Arizona

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Fall Weather in Arizona 


When most people think of fall they imagine leaves changing colors and falling from the trees, temperatures starting to drop, and those beautiful fall golds and deep reds start to emerge. In Southern Arizona, however, that is usually not the case. We start to experience cooler weather but it isn’t jacket weather by any means. So, how do you come prepared for you Arizona visit in the fall months? 

Arizona Fall Temperatures

From September to November, temperatures averages highs in the mid-80s and lows in the 60s.


Welcome, Fall! 

When it comes to autumn, Arizona can fluctuate from hot temperatures to dust storms to constant rainfall. Fall is the time when Arizona is at its peak with thunder and lightning storms. Most days start off calm and breezy in the morning, warm up in the later afternoon, with the possibility dust storms and rain by the nightfall. The weather and temperature can get pretty hectic if you’re not used to the Arizona climate. If you plan on visiting during the autumn months, it’s best to come prepared with weather appropriate clothes. Phoenix temperatures can definitely surprise you in the transitioning months so expect anything to happen(except for snow)!

The Phoenix Metro area has also been known to experience hail every so often, the closest thing to snow for Arizonians. Fortunately, hail isn’t a very common occurrence in the fall. But as the months continue on, we will see the temperatures slowly begin to drop and begin to experience less dust storms and more rain. The flood of rainfall will lead the heat away and bring in the cool crisp air. We welcome fall with open arms, especially after the hot summer!


The fall temperatures can range from between 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows in the 60s to 70s. During this time, it’s a lot more cloudy in the valley. This can be the perfect weather to get out of the house or go to the park or take an evening stroll. The weather is nice enough to leave your windows open for most of the day. Some may even turn their A/C off all together, because the cool autumn breeze is just enough to keep the house comfy.

Weather Alerts & Flash Floods 

We can experience some pretty strong winds during this time of year. With storms comes rainfall and Arizona does not have the best flood system. Please do not ignore flood alerts. Always take precautions when leaving or traveling during dust and rain storms. Check the weather in your area before traveling: patchy weather is a common occurrence and it’s not unusual for there to be a thunderstorm in one part of the valley while another part has beautiful sunshine. Make sure your location is set for your area to get dust storms, flash flood and other weather alerts to your phone. Please take these alert warnings seriously, for both yours and others safety!  


After all the dust and rainstorms subside, the temperature will continue to drop. In the late nights and early mornings it can get very chilly. Be prepared to turn on the heater when necessary. 

Outdoor Activities 

This time of year is great for taking advantage of all the outdoor activities! Its a great time to hike around the valley, enjoy local parks and take in all the outdoor scenery. For a list of hiking trails, planning and hiking advice/tips visit Hike Arizona  for more. 



Looking for some local phoenix fall events? Head to the Visit Phoenix page for current fall events around the valley.

Reach out to your host for questions about your stay and how to get the most out of your visit to beautiful Arizona.



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