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Furnishing A Home On A Budget

Plan Out Your Vision

You have just purchased your vacation rental and now it is time to furnish and decorate it. Decorating and furnishing your vacation rental can be a lot of fun and it can also become expensive. Before you start buying anything, the first thing that is recommended is to plan out your vision. This is the part where you decide how you would like your vacation rental to look. Determining whether you are going to go with a certain style or maybe a theme. You can also decide if you want the whole house to have the same feel or if you want different rooms to have different themes. There are so many decorating styles that it is recommended to do your research before deciding. You will want to pick something that is going to appeal best to your guests.

What is your Budget?

The next important thing is to plan out your budget. Now it is time to decide exactly what your budget is and how much you are willing to spend. If you are like me and like planning and organizing, you could even break the property up by rooms or sections and determine an amount that you want to spend in each section. Now, if there is something that you really want to buy you can borrow that amount from another section, but it does help to keep you on track and in line with your budget.


Now it is time to start shopping!! Just what we have been waiting for. When you start to buy items it is a good idea to buy the big items first. That would be all your furniture pieces and items that are absolutely needed. Once you have all the larger items purchased you can see exactly how much you have left in your budget for decorating. If you happen to reach the end of your budget and were not able to buy everything, that is ok. You can start with minimal decoration and as your vacation rental starts to earn money you will be able to buy those other items and add to the décor as much as you would like.

Quality Over Quantity

Furniture tends can become worn over time and with the more that it is used. Vacation rentals have a lot of people that are coming and going. The furniture in there can tend to be used a little more than it would in your own home and can wear down a lot faster. It is recommended that you choose quality over quantity. The answer is yes, you may be able to buy more things if you go with a cheaper piece of furniture but then it may have to be replaced in a couple of years. Researching an item before buying an item can help you in the end. You may even end up paying a little more upfront, but it will save you more money in the end because your items will last longer.

Ways to Save Money

Who does not like a good sale or a great deal? I know that I sure do. When it comes to saving some money, here are some tips that may be able to help you. Shopping online can be a useful tool. If you do not mind being able to try the product out before you buy it then shopping online is the way to go. Items can be cheaper, and they can be delivered directly to your property. Another suggestion is the big box stores. You may be able to find some good deals at a larger retail store that you would at a smaller or boutique-style place. The last recommendation is to look out for those sales. If you are not in a rush and are able to wait and search for some good deals you may be able to save more money.