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Holiday Guests & Dinners

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Do guests host holidays?

This is a common question asked by many a vacation rental owner, and the answer is a resounding yes!

This is becoming a common practice at short term rentals. Many guests are traveling for the holidays, and some need more space to host larger families. This may make homeowners wonder if they should decorate their rental property, allow guests to decorate, or even worry about it at all. With the holiday season upon us, this should be addressed as soon as possible. A multitude of travelers will be getting into the holiday spirit and may wonder if they can decorate during their stay. 

Should I allow guests to decorate? 

Ultimately,  the choice is yours. There are many things to consider when deciding to allow guests to decorate during their stay. Guest decor may increase the cleaning time and cost for cleaning services. An HOA may limit or prohibit certain types of outdoor decorations. Keeping decorations to a minimum and only allowing indoor decorations may also decrease the chance of any damage to the property. During this time of year, electric bills tend to go up a bit due to cold weather and simply using the electricity more, so consider the energy that may be used on things like lights. If you have decided you want to allow guests to decorate for the holidays during their stay, put some rules in place. When it comes to decorations you’ll want to consider not only the guest experience, but also keeping your properties best interest in mind. 

Should I decorate my property?

Again, it’s up to you!

Keeping decorations to a minimum is sure to charm your guests but yet not overwhelm or offend them. Guests do appreciate the effort property managers and homeowners put into their vacation rentals. Simple decorations are a great way to compliment your property. Decor that is not over the top can easily make your rental more appealing to customers. Guests love to feel comfortable away from home and jazzing up your property goes a long way towards that. Keep in mind that the people staying in your home will not always have the same traditions and beliefs as you do. Some holiday decor may not be welcomed by all guests. 


Holiday Dinners & Vacation Rentals

Guests do host family dinners and special occasions at vacation rentals. A variety of people from all different backgrounds travel to Arizona from November to December. Customers can easily book a rental that provides more space than their own home can offer. This makes vacation rentals a perfect alternative for those who need the extra space to accommodate friends and family! During these months vacation properties can be flooded with guests coming and going.

It’s a good idea to stock up your rental and prepare for the amount of guests that will be staying during the winter months. Extra dishware, utensils, even some extra salt, pepper, and spices are all quality items to add to your vacation rental. Guests are more likely to leave a five star review when the vacation rental is stocked with everything they need. Adding these extra amenities to your kitchen will help provide an outstanding guest experience! 

Fall is here, winter is fast-approaching and Holiday cheer is in the air! Is your vacation rental ready for the Holiday season and all the holiday travelers this season brings? 

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