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Highlights in Glendale

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History of Glendale

Glendale was founded in 1892, primarily because of the fertile land of the Salt River Valley, which was ideal for agriculture. Glendale was a quiet, religious community based on strong family values. It is a great place to raise a family. By 1910, Glendale had a population of 1,000 residents and continued to grow. Fast forward to the present day and Glendale now has nearly 600 employees working for the police department serving almost 250,000 citizens. 

Highlights in Glendale

Glendale is one of the four largest cities in Maricopa County. Glendale is home to the Gila River Arena and University of Phoenix stadium. The Phoenix stadium is unlike any other North American stadium, with not only a retractable roof but a retractable field as well. This marvel design is primarily home to the Arizona Cardinals, with a seating capacity of 72,000 for its loyal fans as well as the vibrant annual fiesta bowl. The next major highlight is for the Westgate Entertainment District. Westgate Entertainment can keep you and your family happy and busy all in one go. Besides the gorgeous al fresco setting with its distinctive water aspects, outdoor patios, and palm trees, you can find everything here from shops, restaurants, and bars to fun outdoor entertainments as well including live music on Friday and Saturday nights held at the fountain park. The third highlight is Christmas at Glendale. If you and your family are visiting Arizona at Christmas, make sure you visit the city of Glendale. Every Christmas in the historic downtown area, 1.5 million lights are put on display through sixteen simmering blocks. Don’t forget that there are handcrafted gifts, shopping, children’s snowfield, delicious food, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, this indeed will be a holiday to remember. The fourth highlight is the Tanger Outlets at Westgate. Tanger Outlets is not the busiest of malls but that is a good thing at times, you can take your time to check out all the bargains, and some are very hard to pass on. Tanger Outlets is an easy way for your family to spend the day shopping and just hanging out. Glendale is also home to one of the few drive-in theatres left in the U.S. This is a fun chance for kids to enjoy an evening sitting under the stars while watching a movie or two. Dress the kids in their pajamas, carry some homemade snacks, relax and enjoy. 

Outdoor fun

Hanging outside and soaking up the sun can be enjoyed with friends and family. One location to check out would be Heroes Regional Park, with playgrounds and water areas for the kids. Heroes Regional Park has skate parks, basketball, picnic areas, and so much more. If you are visiting Arizona in May through August, a nearby attraction to experience would be Hurricane Harbor. Not only will the kids enjoy this waterpark with its unique, fun attractions. There are a variety of rides available, from Wet n Wild Jr. kids rides to family rides like the crazy cactus roaring river, and the thriller rides such as a tornado, and Maximum velocity. Bet you can not wait to get Wet n Wild with your family. 

 Arizona has many wonderful places to experience and Glendale is only one of them. Book a vacation here to experience it for yourself.