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Maintaining Your Vacation Rental Pool

Swimming pools are sought after when searching for vacation rental homes during Arizona’s hotter months. They are a great way to cool down from the heat and add some fun to the guest experience. With your pool being a highlight of your summer vacation rental, it’s a MUST that it, as well as the complementing essentials, are properly maintained. 

Here are a few important points to remember for the maintenance of your vacation rental pool:


Pool Treatment and Safety


Unlike a pool used by the residents of a home, the vacation rental pool will be used by different renters possibly multiple times a week! Use test strips or a test kit to check and maintain your pool water balance. PH levels should range between 7.4-7.6 and chlorine levels at 1.0-3.0 ppm. Skim leaves, insects, and any other floating debris from the pool surface, as well as brush the entire pool base with a pool brush. Run the pump for about 8-12 hours per day for water circulation. This helps prevent algae and bacteria growth, plus mixes and disperses the chemicals throughout the system.


Pool chemicals should always be safely stored out of sight of the guests. An automated tab feeder is suggested due to its being an efficient and safe choice compared to a floating chlorinator for a vacation rental home pool. Regularly scheduled professional services are recommended. Also, providing your guests the days and times of regularly scheduled pool maintenance can avoid any awkward situations!

Reduce any liabilities by posting pool safety signs! This can include the following:

  • No Diving
  • No Glass
  • No Running on Pool Deck


Broken glass in the pool is not the ideal situation for anyone. Not only will the pool be unsafe for use, but glass removal from pools is time-consuming and costly for you, as the homeowner.

Encourage guests to follow the “No Glass” rule by stocking your vacation rental home with pool-safe, colorful plastic drinkware! Shatter-proof tumblers, wine, beer, and margarita cups are usually available in a rainbow of colors found online or at stores such as Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Target; to name a few. Designs can range from solid colors to patterns with fun, warm environment themes like Tiki and Cactus! Add an extra touch with a plastic pitcher for poolside pours and/or supply of can koozies! The majority ofplastic drinkware sets are dishwasher-safe, but always be sure to double-check the labels before purchasing the products.