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All that Arizona Has To Offer

Buying a home in the Valley

Phoenix. It’s the sunniest city in the world, with temperatures topping over 100 degrees from May to Mid October. It also is one of the hottest places to buy a home in the U.S.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to moving to Arizona. When considering moving to Arizona, there are multiple factors that come with it. We have a ton of different wildlife and vegetation, tons of attractions, tons of different events, and some of the best universities. 


Wildlife and plants in Phoenix

When moving to Phoenix, there are a couple of things to consider besides the sunshine and desert landscape. Arizona is home to a ton of wildlife and different plants and vegetation. Arizona is home to some native animals including, the Mexican wolf, desert bighorn sheep, the Gila monster, and the cougar. Some more common animal rattlesnakes, including 13 different species. The most common being the Western Diamondback. Other common animals include coyotes, javelinas, and roadrunners. After wildlife, then there come some plants. Arizona is home to native plants including, succulents, different grasses, perennials, and cacti. Arizona is home to 51 different kinds of cacti. Jumping chollas, texas prickly pear, and the saguaro are just some of the common cacti that you will see when moving to Arizona.    


Here in Arizona, there is so much to do. In the summer months, it may be a little harder to enjoy doing certain things but there is still a ton to do. Some of the main attractions are Grand Canyon National Park, Hoover Dam, Sedona, Camelback Mountain, and Havasu Falls. Here is just a small list of everything to do in Arizona. 

Grand Canyon National Park 

You can go hiking, ride a mule into the grand canyon, take a scenic drive, spend the night and go camping, go on a rafting trip, and even take a helicopter tour. These are the things that I wouldn’t recommend doing in the summertime unless you take a ton of water, and are ready to be out in the heat. 

Hoover Dam

The hoover dam is a 726- foot tall arch-gravity structure is toured by about 1 million people per year, with millions more driving across it. It is about 30 miles from Las-Vegas at the Nevada-Arizona border. There are different tours you can take, the first including a power plant tour. During this tour, you’ll see audio and film presentations. Then you will be guided to the area that keeps the dam running. You’ll take an elevator 530ft down through the Black Canyon. To finally come up through another elevator and see a gorgeous panoramic view. The second tour is the street level. From this level, you can see “Winged Figures of the Republic”. Next is the observation deck, this lets you see panoramic views of Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and the dam. 


If you’re into hiking, then Sedona is that place to do it. This is a 1.8-mile hike to get there and back. Once you complete the hike, you will make it to the Devil’s bridge. If you’re not into hiking or being out in the sun for hours, then there is Sedona stargazing. The clear desert skies make it great for night-time viewing. Tours are available with highly qualified experts, and the best astronomical equipment. There is also slide rock state park and camping. 

Havasu Falls

Havasu Creek is known for its bright blue-green color, which starts out as a trickle of snow run-off and rainfall before it travels about 50 miles entering Havasu Canyon. The water stays about 70 degrees year-round. The creek runs through the village of Supai, and it flows into the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. When thinking of going to Havasu Falls you have to have a reservation, so don’t forget your ID or credit card when checking in. 


Here in Arizona, we have 3 main Universities including U of A, ASU, and Grand Canyon University. U of A was the first university in the Arizona Territory. U of A is a “selective “ university, and it’s students come from all states in the US. ASU is one of the largest public universities by enrollment in the US. The main campus is located in Tempe. There are notable landmarks on campus including the palm walk and the University Bridge Walk.


With so much to do in the state of Arizona, and having something to offer for everyone of all ages. The best state to buy a house is right here in Arizona. If you have any questions about buying or selling your home, you can contact STRM and they would be happy to help.