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The Luxuries Of A North Phoenix Home

If you’ve done your research, you know that living in Phoenix has its perks. The “Valley of the Sun” has been reported to have lower costs of living, real estate costs, and property taxes than most major cities, making this an ideal location for real estate and vacation rental properties. 

With so many different areas to see and discover, we’re going to keep it simple and break down the luxuries of living in the different areas of North Phoenix. 

Location: What areas can be considered as North Phoenix?


Paradise Valley 

Southwest style single-family homes and modern condos can be found in this quiet, scenic suburb surrounded by natural highlights such as Echo Canyon Park to the Phoenix Mountains Preserve and Piestewa Peak Park in the West. Within 10 minutes from Scottsdale, residents in this area have access to plenty of amenities, like Camelback Golf Club and more! 


Scottsdale is a city in the eastern portion of Maricopa County known for its lifestyle luxuries and entertainment. There’s no need to drive into Downtown Phoenix when shopping, arts, culture, dining, and nightlife are right here! 

Museums in Scottsdale include the Pueblo Grande Museum, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Heard Museum. 

Cave Creek

Located in Maricopa county, Cave Creek is one of the larger cities that surrounds Phoenix. Due to its location right outside of the “big” city, it is surrounded by many desert hiking trails including but not limited to Jewel of the Creek Press, Black mountain trail, and many others with Beautiful views of the magnificent desert landscape.

Enjoy The feel of the Midwest out in cave creek and explore the Cave Creek history at the cave creek Museu, Shop at the local Frontier Town, and explore historic landmarks this city has to offer.

Deer Valley

Deer Valley is an ever-growing community located in the North Valley of Phoenix, Arizona.  This city has many outdoor spaces to offer to enjoy hiking and mountain biking all year long. Remember even though it is in the northern part of the valley the summers are still HOT with temps ranging from the 90’s to about 110 degrees on the hotter days of the summer, but getting through a few hot months here in the valley makes it all worth it in the fall, winter and springtime. Deer Valley is also known for the Musical Instrument Museum which provides goers with the history of instruments from around the world.


Potential homebuyers can find plenty of modern architecture and Southwest style homes in Scottsdale!